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    extend your
    theatrical release

    Maximize your premiere window to audiences without a theater near them

Premium, Ticketed, At-home Viewing

Trellis Virtual Cinema can work both as an alternative to a theatrical release or alongside traditional theatrical releases to quickly capitalize on the awareness generated for those who missed it and to extend your premiere window to audiences without a theater near them. Know your sales performance in real time before your release. Optimize your marketing for people who want your content, all guided by first-party data.

Premiere Virtual Cinema Events

Since 2020, consumer and studio behavior has embraced streaming as a premiere release window. Digital and Virtual Events are familiar, cost-effective, and revenue-generating.

  • How Trellis Works

A virtual cinema release can be either a livestream or on-demand events with daily showtimes at viewing-friendly local time in every timezone. Your viewers purchase tickets directly from you through a fully custom branded platform on your own website domain. Sales are collected directly, with daily deposits to your bank account. Viewers can watch on their TVs via integrated Airplay and Chromecast support, no apps required.

Direct Audience Connection

Connect directly with your audience with a custom introduction. Offer special tiers and bonus access for your top fans to extra content and digital or physical product bundles. Easily bring extra value to your event with a discussion panel or other behind the scenes and bonus content.

Proven Method

Major films use this release method.​

  • Reliable and cost-effective.
  • Own all your customer data.
  • Reach people who prefer at-home viewing or no theater near them.
  • Consumers directly support the release on the official website or connected brand or organization.
  • Targeted and accountable marketing campaigns.
  • 83% of releases have had a positive return on ad spend and have been profitable.
The Ark and the Darkness
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